Jazmine’s week with CPO


Last week we had the pleasure of having Jazmine come and do her work experience with us. She was a hard-working and passionate learner and we tried to give her a varied experience of CPO. She spent a lot of time with the design team and even created some of her own work, some of which you may see up on our website very soon! She also spent some time in the printing department shadowing the Print and Finish Team Leader. One of her tasks for the week was to write a blog post about her experience. This is what she wrote;

Where do I begin? At first I thought that would be a question I would ask myself a lot, but on the very first day of this placement I found that everything here and everyone here flowed amazingly. There are so many different elements but none are any less important than the others. I thought I would be thrown in at the deep end and have to figure everything out yet the people here are ever so inspiring and all their work is unique. I love it!

The team here in Brighton have been so encouraging. The posters they design and print reflect each person and their personality and by giving me a laptop for these few days and letting me experiment and develop material I have felt a part of this designing machine.

Seeing the designs start out as white paper with a bit of paint then printing something and bringing them together to make a design is definitely my favourite part of CPO. It really shows the idea of community which They are making a sense of community for churches, helping them to encourage people in and make places welcoming. The team was great at making me feel welcome for the time I was here and that was a highlight too.

One thing I would say to church leaders trying to do successful outreach is go for it! Full speed! If it’s a half-hearted party popper no one will join in the celebration. You need the explosion to be so huge that there’s an echo. When something works: run with it. In the office when they found something that worked they kept it and altered the small parts that didn’t rather than trying to find one perfect design first time around. Patience is key!

My favourite CPO resource? Probably the social media images, headers, posts etc. Also the huge amount of links in ToolKit! There are so many I don’t believe anyone will get through them all. But the fact they are there for quite literally everything and anything is an amazing CPO resource.

Jazmine’s passion and enthusiasm can be seen in her blog post. Her ‘go-for-it’ attitude is something that many of us often forget when we get bogged down with making things perfect. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer or gain some work experience with CPO get in touch and we will see if we are able to accommodate you.

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