Church Easter Publicity ideas for £50 in 5 minutes


Publicising events can seem like a daunting task. Some shy away from it because they think it’s going to take too long, some think that it is too expensive and some think that they just don’t have the know-how to do it well.

But we want to show you that publicising your event can be quick, cheap and just about anyone can do it!

You can get all of the things that you need for Easter for less than £50 (including p&p!). Here’s how…

1. Head to the CPO website and choose which design you think your community will respond to best.

2. Posters are bold and eye catching plus you can customise them with all of your church events or services. Adding customisation is easy with our online customisation tool, but if you get stuck you can email our customer services team who will work with the designers to make your poster for you. You can get a customised A2 poster from just £12!*

3. Inviting people to your events is so much easier if you have something to physically hand them. By getting 150 customised A6 invitations you are still going to be within budget. Why not set a fun challenge to see who in your congregations can give out the most invitations this year!

4. If you have a screen in your church we have a set of digital images that can be used for all of your slides. They can be added into PowerPoint or other visual display programmes. Add song lyrics, bible readings and other things on top of them to get people engaging.

5. We also have some FREE resources that you can use to promote your events. There are social media share images for you to use on any social media platform. There are also social media banners to apply to the top of your Facebook page.

6. If you are looking for something for the kids during the service we also have a few FREE downloadable colouring sheets that you can print on your church or home printer.

Take a look at this video where some of our team show you just how to get £50 worth of materials in less than 5 minutes!

So why not give it a go?!

*Other sizes are available. Prices shown were correct at time of publishing.

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