How do you create a website without a budget?


You can’t.

But you can do something different.

I often talk to churches that want a website but have no budget or team to make it happen. I ask, ‘Why do you want a website?’ and ‘What purpose do you see it having?’ I tend to hear the same replies – ‘To communicate to people.’ And ‘To let people know what’s happening.’

The reality is that a website costs money and time to create, host and maintain. It is an investment that will bear fruit and if you find a way to raise the finance it will be worthwhile. But if you really can’t, I’ll let you in on a secret. There is something else you can do that won’t cost you a penny.

There’s a platform out there which is absolutely perfect for you. Why? Well it’s:

  1. Totally free
  2. Allows you to have an ‘about us’ feature
  3. You can list all your events
  4. You can provide regular updates on the church activities
  5. It has unlimited photo gallery storage
  6. You can upload video natively (instead of on YouTube or Vimeo and pasting a link)
  7. You can invite people see the content
  8. You can accept direct messages and reply to them
  9. You can share live videos from your services and events whenever you want
  10. There’s a free app for iOS and Android and it’s available for easy use on all computers
  11. You can include your opening times and contact details
  12. You will appear in Google results (and all other search engines)
  13. You can set it up and be using it in minutes
  14. It has over 1.4 billion daily users

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it is true and it’s called Facebook.

Yes, Facebook has a lot more features than a basic website. It’s a great evangelistic tool as it allows churches to appear in event search results. You can share your church’s vision, pictures, and live stream video easily! It’s everything and more than a basic website as it allows you to reflect your values and church culture through the way you present and communicate yourselves.

‘But our congregation doesn’t use Facebook!’ I hear you say. Chances are that they do. The fastest growing demographic is over 55.  Even those that don’t use it can still view updates without needing to login. Winner.

So if you have zero budget and no time but a need to communicate,  Facebook is the perfect place to start. As you build your church community hopefully people will come forward who can help add to your digital strategy.

Need help? Have more questions? We’ve just launched the Church Comms Improvement Project and we have, you guessed it, a Facebook Group. A place where you can raise ‘how to’ questions and receive answers from our team of expert church communicators and from peers using the same resource.

Discover it here:

Do you have budget but are unsure how to produce a website or use social media well? We offer training and can create websites for churches. Visit for more information.

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