How your church can share the real meaning of Christmas


Three handy tips for thinking about your outreach this Christmas! 



Ask God to show you creative and imaginative ways of bringing the Christmas story alive. Christmas is the one church festival in the year celebrated by millions outside the Church – yet many have lost touch with what it’s all about. It’s so familiar, yet it’s been reduced to food, drink, TV, presents, parties and the festive trappings. And many have lost the basics of the story – as one child said “Isn’t it Santa’s birthday?”



Make a list of all the opportunities you have over these few weeks to share the real meaning of Christmas. These could include:

– Carol services and Christmas events

– Community and civic events your church is involved in

– Children’s clubs and Sunday school

– School carol services or events your church has a part in

– Pre-school groups

– Farmers’ markets/Christmas fairs

– Social events with family and friends

– Workplace Christmas events

– Lunch clubs/community projects/church cafes

– Meals with homeless projects


Ask yourself: how do we find natural ways of ensuring we communicate the Christmas message clearly and simply to those who are open to hearing it? Your style and approach will obviously vary depending on the context, but focusing attention on Jesus, the greatest gift of all, and why the gospel is “good news of great joy” will ensure you’re on the right lines.



CPO has a wide range of outreach material available this Christmas including booklets, newspapers, magazines, tracts, digital resources and children giveaways. Check them out here.

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