24 quick ideas for church social media posts


Here are 24 quick ideas for church social media posts. What would you add?

(Originally in Church Online: social media book)

  1. A quote from a Sunday talk, maybe with a picture as background
  2. Bible verses, perhaps with images from VerseFirst or YouVersion apps
  3. Questions, especially if real and not rhetorical
  4. Behind-the-scenes photos of events or even of the church office
  5. ‘Meet the team’ profiles and pictures
  6. Thanks and recognition for volunteersDevotional thoughts
  7. Quotes from great writers. (There are Twitter accounts for C.S. Lewis and other authors)
  8. Celebration of church milestones
  9. Short homemade videos, perhaps just with a greeting
  10. Links to pro Christian videos
  11. Links to great articles, songs, blogs or books
  12. Images of any event publicity, posters or flyers
  13. Links to mission organisations or missionary news
  14. Links to local events, celebrations or businesses
  15. Links to talks online, podcasts, the church website or other social media channels
  16. A homemade church photo booth or frame, which could be a great project for all ages
  17. Teasers for future events, talks or guests
  18. Prayers for national events or current affairs
  19. Questions about church, faith or theology
  20. Caption competitions for photos
  21. National church and denominational campaigns: use hashtags with relevant comment (for example, #TryAlpha, #ChristmasStarts or #EasterMeans)
  22. Links to local churches. Follow them, encourage them and share what they’re doing; act like family
  23. Use generic popular hashtags like #TBT (Throw Back Thursday—an excuse to bring out the archive with photos, memories or songs)
  24. Repost something good from the past. It’s allowed!

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