Making the most of our Christmas resources


Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for churches and individuals to reach out to families and their communities with the good news of Jesus – God with us. The team at CPO are here to help you make the most of it. We’ve created a bunch of resources that make it easy to publicise and invite others to your christmas events and encourage your neighbours in their walk with Christ. Depending on your budget, a little can go a long way. Here’s a few tips and helpful hints about how you can create your own combination to publicise your Christmas events and outreach.


Pick a design.

In the book of Acts, the early church gathered to think about Gentiles becoming Christians. It’s recorded: ‘…we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God’ (Acts 15:19).

We understand churches and work to create resources and designs that help you ‘not make it difficult’ for your communities to come to know more about Christ. Each church has it’s own traditions and styles – we’ve got you covered with a range artistic, contemporary and classic designs. Keep in mind it’s not just what you like – think about what might engage your neighbours. If you’d like to think about the people in your area – we’ve gathered some links to help you build a picture of your local community here:

From the planning, publicity, to your service or event, focus on making sure people feel welcome and easily able to encounter Jesus through the gospel.


Say it loud, say it loads!

It can take several ‘exposures’ for a message to get through. Once you’ve chosen a design – reinforce your message by using it in lots of different ways and formats. We think it works best when everything matches – it offers visual links to your audience. Use posters and banners as signpost for your community and passers by. Personal invitation is best – make it easy for your church to invite others with handouts and postcard to give out to friends and families.


Make it your own.

Make our designs your own by customising it with your own words using our online personalisation tool. Add your event or church details and even add your own logo or imagery. Add a customisable product to your basket online and then click ‘customise this product’. You will be directed to our editing form which produces professional-looking results for only £5. Our sales and design teams are on hand if you need help making it look right for your church or if you need a bespoke size.


Make it a theme?

Some of our designs have themes and pre-written words to help you encourage questions or unpack the themes around Christmas. Some churches recreate the designs as a display, decorate their building in similar colours. You can use titles or theme words to link your talk with our designs or matching outreach which include powerpoint backgrounds. Our main ranges have new folded paper tracts to give out before or after your event.


A warm welcome

First impressions count – if we’re trying ‘not make it difficult’ for unchurched friends, have a think about their experience. It’s the little things like an easy to find venue and smiley greeter that give guests a positive impression, removes distractions so they can focus on the gospel message, and leaves them wanting to return. From signs, roll-up banners to clothing options, many of our designs and resources have formats to help guest know where to go and equip your teams. From carpark to their seat – give guests a warm welcome.


Display, pray and get inviting!

Everything will arrive at your home or church for you to distribute. The team at CPO love doing all we can to help you with great designs and encouraging resources – now it’s over to you to get inviting! Get the whole church involved – we’ve spotted churches, like Crawley Baptist Church this Easter, giving out maps with packs of flyers for home groups to give out or put through doors in the area. Encourage your church to pray for those they invite and watch as God works!



What’s next?

Many only connect with church at Christmas and Easter. Have a think about how to help people take the next step in their journey with giveaways or links to your next church event. Customise postcards or bookmarks with a message, prayer or memory verse as a keepsakes for guests. See our growing range of tracts and booklets that help people engage with the Christian faith. If you’re really prepared why not have Easter planned to invite them along too? We’ve got you covered for that too… browse our ideas at


CPO loves helping churches and individuals reach out to their communities. We’ve prayed over our designs and for you as you use them. We hope that together we can be a light for Christ this Christmas.

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