Nine questions to assess your church’s digital presence


Edited extract from ‘Church Online: Websites’, available here:

Before you set out  to create or overhaul your church plan for websites and digital communication, there are nine strategic questions which can form the foundation of a long-term plan.
The first is this: what is our current reality?’ Here are nine questions to get you started:

  1. Are we registered on any directories, for example, ‘Find a Church’?
  2. How would we describe the people most likely to be looking at our website? What do we know about them?
  3. What budget could be released? In one amount or monthly?
  4. If we have a website, do we really know how to edit it, how it is supported, and who is responsible for every aspect of its content?
  5. Have we looked at every page with a pen in hand?
  6. Is there anything on there which is out of date? If so, do we know why? What would we do to avoid this next time?
  7. Do we feel that our website reflects our values and priorities as a church?
  8. Look at the website from the perspective of a local person who has never been to church and never met a Christian. Is it easy to find out when we meet, who we are, what we believe and what’s going on?
  9. If we had to justify why we’re putting e ort into this, what would be our answer?
Laura Treneer, Bible Reading Fellowship


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