Ollie’s week with CPO


We have had the privilege of having Ollie do his work experience with us for a week. Ollie is currently studying for his A Levels and has a passion for design but particularly photography. He settled into the team very quickly and has taken some great photos that you will be seeing in future designs! He was really helpful with giving some views on the up coming Christmas designs and was able to learn some of the processes that we, as a design team, have to go through to get the catalogue on your door mats and designs ready for your churches. Ollie has written a little bit about his week with CPO;

During my week at CPO I have learnt a lot about the process involved in creating and choosing designs to be used in their catalogues, I have been shown how to use different computer programmes such as InDesign and Illustrator to create a design. I was also shown how to take a hand drawn image and scan it into an application to allow it to be edited on a computer, which is a cool way to create a more unique design that doesn’t look entirely computer generated.

The biggest challenge for me during my week was to think of design ideas that are modern and in keeping with the style of CPO, this is something you might not think about when looking for designs to buy, but a lot of work goes into coming up with ideas that fit a style.

I think churches having up to date resources is very important as it can help to move the church forward both in terms of keeping up to date with the world around it and helping to bring in a new generation that may struggle to follow the more ‘traditional’ design choices of some churches.

My favourite thing about CPO is the welcoming, friendly work environment that is created, coming into this week I was worried it would be hard to fit in and that I would feel as if there wasn’t a lot I could do. However I felt immediately welcomed and everyone showed an interest in ways to help me understand what’s going on and how I can get involved with the design process.

One thing I would suggest to church leaders would be to always keep Social Media up to date and constantly refreshed as this is a great way to bring in new church members, especially people of my age as Social Media plays a big part in every day life. Keeping your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages (don’t worry if you don’t have all of them) up to date is an easy way to attract more attention to the church and help people who are unsure, feel more comfortable joining in with the community.

My favourite CPO resource is their tools on how to build a good Social Media page for churches as I feel this is a really great tool that I really feel my church and many others can use to great effect to help build a strong community for the Church.

Ollie photographing some holly leaves for a Christmas design


Ollie makes a good point about how important Social Media is for churches. This year we have release a load of resources that you can download (for FREE) and use on your Social Media sites. This will be a growing range so keep an eye out for new images going up soon! If you think you need more help with your Social Media we can offer training sessions based on this, contact us for more information on this if you are interested. 

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