Peace on Earth


Peace on Earth – It’s a message we hear each year at Christmastime, yet perhaps it’s never been more relevant and important as it is now. In increasingly chaotic and volatile times, this simple, yet powerful message is a comforting truth we can hold on to and take strength from.

Forgiveness, reconciliation and promotion of peace were central to Jesus’ ministry on earth and his birth serves as a focal point for all who follow him. Each year at Christmas, Christians around the world give thanks for the gift of Jesus; for his life and for the hope he brings. We are reminded that Jesus came to bring peace and light to a dark world.

This is a significant message and one the world needs to hear more than ever!

I wanted this design to cut above the noise, to ensure the message would stand out and grab attention. With this in mind, I used a variety of techniques to try and achieve this.  

The typography was hand-drawn and then finessed digitally. The candle and holly were created using textured coloured paper, cut into their current forms using digital software. The focal point of the candle serves as a powerful visual metaphor for peace and seemed an appropriate visual to compliment the messaging. I then added some subtle background textures to finalise and further strengthen the design.

My hope is that churches will be encouraged using this design as a part of their Christmas outreach, and that individuals will be reminded of the comfort that Jesus brings to a world that really needs Him! Just like a candle flame in the surrounding darkness, the peace Jesus brings shines bright; transforming lives and capturing hearts.

If you have been inspired by this blog, take a look at the whole Peace on Earth range here.

Written by designer Tom Barnard.

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