Using Christmas as a time to reach out


It may seem like stating the obvious, but Christmas really is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to your community. Regardless of what people believe, the only reason we celebrate Christmas is because Jesus came to earth as a baby to save the world. Though each year it becomes more and more commercialised, it is our role, our duty, to stand firm in our faith and proclaim what we believe and know to be true.

Here are our top tips for making sure you use this Christmas as well as you can!


1. Advertise advertise advertise
Each day we are bombarded with advertisements for a whole host of products, events and things we “need” – particularly in the Christmas season. Use Christmas as a time to fill people’s minds with truth and love. How do you expect people to know about your events if you don’t tell them what you are up to? We have produced some brand new resources for your church to use this Christmas. We recommend using the same design for all of your materials to create consistency and familiarity.

Hang a banner outside your church as a 24/7 reminder to passers-by about events you are hosting. Print posters to explain clearly how people can find out more. Use flyers and invites as handouts for people to give away.


2. Get your congregation involved
The Church is made up of people, not buildings – real, living, breathing, passionate people. Utilise them! Firstly, giving people a task within the church helps to make them feel needed and part of the family. Secondly if everyone within your church brought just one person to church at Christmas  you would double the number of people who hear the good news! Encourage people to take a stack of invites and post them in all the letterboxes of houses on their road. Get charismatic people to stand near your church and hand out flyers to passers by and start conversations. Start forming teams to be on welcome duty or to serve refreshments and get them excited about the fact they are involved!


3. Plan ahead
This may be one of the busiest times in the Christian calendar, but that just means you need to plan ahead. Knowing what your church is going to be doing in the New Year is vital. During your Christmas services you are going to have a captive audience. Tell them what you are up to in the New Year. Perhaps you will be running an Alpha course, promoting your local CAP debt centre, or even a men’s/ladies’ breakfast. Whatever it is make sure you talk about it at these Christmas services. Let people know how they can either sign up or find out more in their own time. If you are feeling super organised a great idea is to have customised bookmarks or flyers with all of this information on already on the chairs (or ready to give away on the door as people leave) that people can take away with them!

We have a handy wall calendar with tips, reminders and inspiration for things you could get involved with in the New Year.


4. Get online
Churches are constantly coming up with new ways of reaching people. If you are currently on social media make sure you post about the events that you will be hosting this year. Get people to share and start conversations about them online. You can even use some of our brand new (and FREE) social media share images if that helps.


Whether your Christmas plans have just begun or have already been perfected make sure you communicate well internally and externally. Use Christmas as a time to reach out and change lives!









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