What you did this Easter


We asked for feedback about some of the things churches did this Easter. We were excited to see so many people coming back with all of their great ideas. Here are some of the stories. Hopefully they will inspire you to get creative with your outreach in the future!

  • A church in Wales used paper sandwich bags stuffed with chocolate eggs, an invitation to their Easter events and a Fake News/Good News tract.  They gave them out in local housing estates where there lots of families they already knew, to all the shops and at least 50 to passers-by on the High Street. The chocolates were a big draw and they had a very positive response from people. Their hope is to repeat this next year with even more bags!
  • A church in Lancashire did something a little different on Palm Sunday. Everyone was asked to bring a towel to the service. They gathered in the centre of the church and lay their towels down as an actor playing Jesus came out of vestry wearing a gown and walked on them as they shouted and waved. Later the speaker spread the towels out to make shape of a cross on the floor with the Church Prayer Book in the middle. During the service they all wrote prayers on yellow cross shaped papers that were collected and placed on the cross. The crosses were then used for a display in the foyer.
  • One church used the hot cross bun serviettes and distributed hot cross buns for the first time in their community. They found that this was very well received and opened up many conversations. They put leaflets through every door in the area which encouraged a new family to their children’s activity day and they are now going to the mother and toddler group the church runs! If you are interested in running a missional toddler group this booklet is a great resource.
  • One church gave out 3000 leaflets and in doing so were able to have a number of conversations with people on the streets. Some of the people they spoke to even ended up coming to the Easter Sunday service. We have a wide variety of tracts for you to use if you want to try this yourself.

  • Christchurch, in Dorset, is a popular holiday destination. Every year there is a ‘walk of witness’ on Good Friday around the quay, beach and back to the shopping parade. One church created five Stations of the cross at strategic points, stopping to tell the Good Friday story, say a prayer and sing a hymn. They took copies of the “One Friday” booklet which they distributed to many people along the sea front and gave out Easter eggs to the children. Once they had returned to the church, they enjoyed hot cross buns and drinks. This year for the first time they followed this walk with a Messy Church in the hall. This was very well attended by 35 children along with their parents, grandparents and families taking part as well as some of the regular congregation. The craft was used to tell the Good Friday story and the children made an Easter garden, crosses and shredded wheat nests with eggs in. Messy Church attracted many families who do not come to the regular church services and encouraged children and their parents to learn something about the love of Christ.

If you have a story of how you reached out this year then do get in touch, we’d love to see how people are proclaiming the good news that we have!

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