Why your church needs a social media strategy


Most churches have coffee rotas, a welcome team, a handful of flower-arrangers, a plan for preaching and singing on Sundays, maybe provision for children and young people. But how many have someone making sure the church has an active presence on social media?

If our churches are not on social media they are missing huge opportunities for outreach, for community building and for communicating information about what the church is up to and why. Social media is free, it is easy to use, and its use is increasingly widespread.

Perhaps you are wondering about dipping your toe into a new platform, or you are a complete novice. Maybe you have a profile but have never posted; or it could be that you have been running your church’s social media accounts and are wondering whether to give up because it feels like too much effort for too little return. If any of these describe your situation, what you need is a strategy, by which I mean a considered plan.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. To reinforce rather than undermine your message

If you have a strategy behind your social media use your activity will all serve to reinforce what you want to communicate. Are you a church with a particular emphasis on social justice? Or a community with a lot to offer young families? Do you place a high value on music or on your preaching and teaching? Having a strategy will mean that you make sure you communicate your church’s identity and purpose.

  1. To harness the potential

Little is accomplished by setting up social media accounts and letting them sit there like a post office in a ghost town. For social media to have any impact, you need to be posting frequently – interacting with responses, responding to what others post, signposting good content and making connections with people and organisations.

  1. To save time

Coming up with a social media strategy will involve an investment of time up front but from then on it will save you many precious hours. Once you know what you want to say and who you want to say it to, you won’t have to come up with fresh ideas every time you log in. You can also set up your posts in advance using something like hootsuite or crowdfire.

The church is the body of Christ, the hope of the world. We need to be present in every corner of the world, online and off, proclaiming the reality of the kingdom of God.

If you would like more help with social media we run training sessions for all levels, click here to find out more about training.

We also have a very helpful wall calendar that provides handy reminders of some of the events in the Christian calendar that you might like to promote or to use if you need an idea of where to start with your social media posting.

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