Looking for a complete rethink of your website?


We can help you begin to think it through and provide some solutions, as can some of the church providers mentioned on other cards. The booklets at cpo.org.uk/reachout will help.

There are benefits to different platforms. If you are familiar with your existing editor you may save time by improving what you have rather than starting from scratch. If you do want a complete overhaul remember that you will need to budget a minimum of £200 for domain/hosting a year, and will need a clear idea of whether you’re looking for something very low maintenance, or something which is likely to grow over time. Will a Facebook page do a better job for what you need? If you are building a site for multiple sites or congregations you will save time (and potentially cost) by deciding in advance what you want to say, and who gets to make the final decision on content. Find out more about new ways CPO might be able to help at cpo.org.uk/websitebuilder. We can do a review of your existing site with specific recommendations for immediate improvements for £100.

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